How do coaches build rapport with players?

Coaches should also try to facilitate communication between players. Perceptions and feelings towards the coach and other players are in an almost constant state of change and are likely to disappear without continuous effort on the part of the coach. It's easier said than done if the risks end up in a negative outcome on the field of play, so coaches must constantly reflect on their values and ensure that emotions don't override them in the heat of the moment. Clarity of roles is vital for players to feel safe and can prevent uncertainty or resentment towards the coach from affecting their development.

Support can be considered both in relation to emotional and pastoral support and to the player's belief that the coach has the capacity to improve his performance. Without the foundation of positive relationships with your athletes, even the best training will fall on deaf ears. This approach not only helps cultivate positive relationships between coaches and players, but it can also generate innovative ideas in the gaming group, in addition to giving them the opportunity to develop their leadership, decision-making and understanding of the game. The relationship a player has with his coach is one of the key determinants of sustained commitment and development in football.

There are regular interactions between a coach and his players, and between the players themselves. The challenge of coaching is to balance reason and logic, along with empathy and emotional awareness. These documents can constantly evolve every time you discover something important about a person you train. However, coaches must also work to ensure that mutual trust, respect, belief, support, closeness, cooperation, communication, and understanding are maintained through their interactions with players.

If you got into coaching to earn money or gain professional notoriety, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. In psychologically safe environments, the relationship and dialogue between coach and athlete always go both ways. Your main goal as a coach is to help your players to develop positively as players and as young men and women.